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Winter CycloTouring in BC

When the temperature starts to dip and snow begins to fall from the sky filling cycling facilities with a cover of white, many cyclotourists tend to park their bicycles for the season and dream of adventures next year when spring arrives. Not so for the Cycling Dutch Girl. She ventures into British Columbia with her camping gear on the bicycle and takes to the northern roads.

Cycling Dutch Girl

Cycling Dutch Girl

Most of us have memories of cyclotouring when snow besets the highways ahead of us. I recall making a trip to Kelowna from Vancouver in spring. Arriving at the town of Hope at a base of a mountain with the Fraser River flowing fast by it on the way to the ocean, snow was falling. The top half of the mountain had a snow cover. First call in town was to the tourism office. With three alternative highways over the mountain range to choose from, my first question was “Are the mountain passes open”. The answer was “No, they are all closed to traffic.” After a visit to the tourism office the next morning, I decided that I would do the Allison Pass that was now open, although snow was still falling. Fortunately, the highway asphalt surface had enough retained heat to melt the snow coming down. With a half metre of snow on the verges and as the elevation rose to the 1.350 metres peak, I kept looking for ice.

Another year and as the winter desire to tour increased, I decided to do the Seattle-Vancouver route, which normally does not have much snow. As I came upon Bellingham, the snow was falling. The next morning, the streets were covered with 15 centimetres of the fluff. Simple decision, stay another night.

The Cycling Dutch Girl has another approach to winter. She does not let the white fluff deter her from enjoying the pleasure of nature and camaraderie with locals. Follow her adventures in winter cyclotouring in British Columbia on her blog.

Winter is coming

I was thinking how funny it is I went to Iceland to ride the ring road in winter and allowed myself 3 months.  Where in Canada I’ve given myself a month to ride a distance that’s nearly twice as long (but only a fraction of the country).  I’ve been in search of winter.  A cold clear wintery landscape is just stunning and magical…

Island Life

“Just about every person I’ve met lately has warned me that this is not the right time of year to be cycling on Vancouver Island.  It seemed pretty right to me though!  Sure it got a bit wet at times, but if that’s what you’re expecting and prepare for then it doesn’t seem too bad.  And if…

The Cycling Dutch Girl, one life, two wheels Read more…. http://cyclingdutchgirl.com

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